Services Overview

Concept Writing, Storyboard

Concept Writers: Banking on their strong working knowledge of advertising, animation, and storytelling they make sure that the project stays on message throughout the workflow.

This involves liaising with the clients, from the pitching process all the way to making sure the deliverables meet the clients’ needs, from Video Productions to integrated media campaigns.

Production, Creative Direction

Creative Direction leads us to the Creative Execution of any Project, all the way from Production to post-production. It determines the best way to approach the Production of Documentaries or TVC’s.

Post-Production, Design & VFX

EAP realize that Post-Production (Editing) is not just Typically Nine-to-Five Job, So we make every effort to ensure our Clients have the best Tools in comfortable studios to get the job done in the Given Time.
We are constantly evaluating and upgrading our Software and Equipment – this is part of our commitment to delivering the best on each project we do.

Visual Effects ( VFX ) immensely important to Post-Production, in terms of effort and time needed, directly affects the end quality of the finished product.
Visual Effects ( VFX ) that can be involved from the beginning of the project with the director; studying the storyboard and eventually, final execution of the board. We also offer Pre-Visualization to help clients see things, the way we do.

2D / 3D Animations, Concept Art

At a shoot, Directors and Editors are the key to Visual Success, but the Rising Demands of Incorporating Photo Realistic Computer Graphics ( CG ) or 2D / 3D Animations for TV commercials and Programs are essential to enhance the storytelling.

Website - Development

We offer Website Designing, Advertising and Internet Marketing Services to help grow your business. We also offer you "Yearly Customer Services" that including Websites Updates, Video Uploads or Contents Changes etc. throughout a year.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Domain Registration Service Helps YOU to get a Suitable Domain for your Business with Confidentiality. We also have our Own "American Based Server" with Unlimited Space to Host Your Website.

HD Photography, Event Management

By Providing "High Definition Photography" and content writing for YOUR website development, we are One-Stop-Service Provider from Domain & Hosting to Web-Development.

Main Services


EAP is offering YOU a complete Documentary (Video Presentation) for your Business or Product. Where YOU can have two versions of it.

One Larger Version with complete history is for your waiting area or Exhibition and other shorter version is for your Website, Facebook, WhatsApp and Marketing department etc.

TV Commercials

A small Edited Video with Music / Jingle, Sound Effects, 2D / 3D Animations and Visual Effects ( VFX ) usually 20 to 45 seconds, is called TV Commercial.

EAP shall provide you a Concept Based, convincible TV Commercial that make your audience / clients thirsty to buy your product.

Website Developments

EAP can develop Dynamic Static or E-Commers B2B / B2C Websites for YOU. Such unmatched websites can give YOU a platform to penetrate into local & International markets with State-of-the-Art tools that can be your TV Commercial, Documentary, Product Videos via Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Website updates and Facebook Marketing through monthly marketing are no longer YOUR problem now.!
EAP introducing very first time in Pakistan, "Yearly and Monthly Service, Maintenance, Update Package". Along with this Package your TV Commercial & Documentary updates are FREE.

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